Curriculum overview and time frame

Curriculum and Timeline:

Program is 16 weeks long - we will complete it together by August 12th 2024!

Week of April 15th Week 1:

+ Introductory: Welcome to Christian Life Coaching

+ What you will learn in this course

+ What is Christian Life Coaching & Why is it needed?

+ Your why & Your calling


Week of April 22nd Week 2:

+ Doing the work on yourself

+ Overcoming Fear of Coaching

Week of April 29th Week 3:

 + Identity

+ Unbiblical World Beliefs


Week of May 6th Week 4:

+ Suppressing Emotions

+ Unforgiveness, Vows, Judgements


Week of May 13th Week 5:

+ Anxiety, Depression, Grief, and Trauma

+ Sin


Week of May 20th Week 6:

+ The Mind, Will, and Emotions

+ The Power of Listening and Empathizing


Week of May 27th Week 7:

+ Asking Powerful Questions And Looking For Patterns

+ Creating Healthy Boundaries And Habits Plus Goal-Setting

Week of June 3rd Week 8:

+ Exercises & Worksheets

+ The Do's and Don'ts of Coaching


Week of June 10th Week 9:

+ Heal The Root - Change The Fruit

+ Forgiving, Healing, & Breaking Strongholds


Week of June 17th Week 10:

+ Client Examples and Live Client Calls


Week of June 24th Week 11:

+ Prayer & Warfare

+ Deliverance & Applying Spiritual Gifts

Week of July 1st Week 12:

+ Coaching Structure

+ Overcoming Obstacles of Coaching


Week of July 8th Week 13:

+ Put It Into Practice – Practicum begins


Week of July 15th Week 14:

+ Niching & Branding

+ Marketing & Social Media


Week of July 22nd Week 15:

 + Starting Your Business, Launching Your Own Practice

+ Legalities of Coaching


Week of July 29th Week 16:

+ Conducting Group Coaching & Creating Coaching Programs

+ Creating Videos For Social Media Platforms


Final Exam & Practicum due by August 12th

Complete and Continue